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My company would like to work with GCM - how can I get in touch with you?
Please use the contact form provided at the bottom of this page in order to get in touch with us. Your email will automatically be forwarded to the right department and you will usually receive an answer within 2 - 4 business days.
How does GCM make money?
We generate a large part of our income through Affiliate Marketing. When you purchase a product from one of our websites, we often receive a commission from the retailer. Some of our websites are also monetized via PPC deals or our own ad network, GCM Ads. Since we are independent of manufacturers, this process has no influence on the selection of our products. Also, the products do not become more expensive for you – the costs for affiliate marketing are borne solely by the merchant (e.g. Amazon).
What are GCM Ads?
GCM Ads is the name of an ad network owned by Global Commerce Media. This network allows advertisers to get products placed across our 100+ media assets worldwide. This does not interfere with our neutrality, as product ads are also highlighted as such, which makes them distinguishable from the products chosen by our editorial team.
Are you open for collaborations?
Yes, we are always open for any type of collaboration that could make sense to both parties. Please refer to this page in order to get some first ideas of what is possible.