Our Story in a Nutshell

Want to learn more about the story behind GCM and the company's founders? On this page, we've got you covered!

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While still in college, Alex and Florian team up and establish Global Commerce Media, which was under a different name at that time. During the same year, they are joined by Jannik and Georgina and they get their first websites online.


The company continues to grow its portfolio and is appearing on the radar of global brands and advertisers. A number of hires are made which would prove crucial to the venture's success later on.


GCM’s websites are starting to attract more serious attention. For the first time, the company breaks through the magic barrier of 1M users per month and that user base would continue to grow. The team keeps growing in size and quality. The company is transformed from a startup into a more mature, yet still flexible and agile, media company.


The team continues to expand and GCM celebrates its first successes internationally.


This story is still being written...